Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween + Birthday = Overload

Owen turned 2 yesterday and it was a fun filled weekend starting with Halloween on Friday, he definitely knows what candy is now! This was the second year in a row he was a chicken. Derek and I let him decide if he wanted to be a chicken or superman and gave him the option multiple times but it was Winner Winner Chicken Dinner everytime!

Right before we started trick or treating, Owen's Uncle Jared gave him an early birthday present - a mini escalade car, and that did not leave his sight the whole night. It was a pretty funny sight to see Owen sucking his sucker, carrying his bucket and his car while we went from house to house.
On Saturday, Owen's Grandma and Grandpa were in town and they took him along with Aunt Rachel to the Mall of America where they spoiled the little chicken. They went to Nickelodeon land and rode rides and then ate lunch at The Rainforest Cafe where Owen saw his first crocodile and snake!!! I think the funniest story of the day was when they passed Caribou Coffee in the Mall and Owen pointed to it "I want that." I think Mommy may frequent that place too much!

Sunday was Owen's actual birthday and we had a Curious George party for him. He felt pretty special when he walked in the door and we all started clapping and singing for him!

He received lots of cool "surprises" that day and tried taking many of his surprises - aka trucks to sleep with him last night but mommy would only allow one car with him in bed. Surprises was our word for presents that day.

I leave for Florida on Wednesday for a friends wedding and will miss the little guy a lot but I know Daddy will take good care of him. They have lots of frozen pizza, corn dogs, and fruit snacks on hand! In a couple of weeks I need to start my training for a half marathon I am going to do at the end of January. Not sure how much fun it will be since it is part of the Winter Carnival in St. Paul and called the Frozen Half Marathon! I have been swimming a lot more lately too and think I might be up for Masters at the SCS pool here in a couple of weeks to show my coach my improvement.

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[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Cute pictures and stories! Miss you guys.


p.s. Not sure if you've heard our news yet but we're expecting and due May 8! We're excited and a little freaked out, but mostly excited... :)