Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's a Celebration!

I returned yesterday from Florida where I was a bridesmaid in my good friend Nicole's wedding. The wedding took place on Sanibel Island and it was a beautiful place and Nicole looked so amazing and so happy. I went on this little vacation by myself and I enjoyed every minute of it. I left Wednesday to go down there and got to spend pretty much all day Thursday laying on the beach - it was wonderful! I ran on the beach a couple of days and swam in the ocean too. There was one day where I didn't run on the beach and saw a sign that read "$500 dollar fine if you feed the alligators" - I decided to get off that path and return to the beach!
I called my Mom while I was down there and asked her why the heck we grew up in Illinois where there is winter, and why the heck I live in Minnesota! When the plane touched down in Minneapolis though, the 25 degree weather didn't damper my spirits when I saw Derek and Owen pick me up from the airport. It was great to see them!

Here is a picture of the bride Nicole and I just before she is ready to walk the down the aisle - 0ops I mean the beach!

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