Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ironman Wisconsin Race Report -

I don't want to make this a super long post because I am still trying to get my life back together after being gone for four days and then I am leaving in two days to see one of my athletes finish her first triathlon out in Malibu, California.
I had a great day in Wisconsin but it didn't turn out the way I had planned, some things went out of the plan but that is what happens during an Ironman - you have to expect the unexpected.
We packed up the van on Friday, there were three kids and three adults and I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to get it all in there.  We were pretty packed in!

We drove to the hotel in Wisconsin and my sister then took the kids and the van to my mom's house who lives a little over an hour south of Madison. I was so grateful for her to make the trip, she helped us so much with the kids and then she had her own to take care of!

It was pretty awesome to be a part of all the buzz that was going on in the city and I was very excited to race.  Poor Derek got some of the brunt of my nervousness and anticipation as I had a couple of melt downs about my coffee being cold and not getting my oatmeal right - thanks Derek for putting up with me.

I knew the day was going to be a little chiller than expected and I was going back and forth on what to wear - I decided just to wear my Gear West jersey with triathlon shorts and arm warmers because I do get cold out there and I like to race in the heat!

Race day arrived and felt good to go.  I got in the water at a good time and got to see fellow Minnesotan Anthony Hirschman waiting in line so that helped calm my nerves.  I lined up just by the ski jump and I treaded water for about 6 mins.  I didn't get beat up too bad but there were a couple of times some man hands came after me.  The only time it got real physical was when we were going around or close to the buoys.  I found some feet to swim on for the last section of the race and that was nice.  Running up the helix was awesome - I saw Derek and my family and I knew it was going to be a fun day.

I had rode the course so I knew what to expect and absolutely loved it!  I wanted to get in around 250-300 calories per hour on the bike.  The best part of the bike were the climbs because of all the people waiting for you to run and cheer.  At Old Sauk Pass I saw three guys in basketball outfits and thought they were hilarious - they were cheering for me and telling me I looked great.  At that time I was in somewhat of a daze and just smiling at people and concentrating on the race.  I remember thinking to myself on the second loop I hope those guys are there again because they were hilarious - come to find out it was my husband, his brother and friend!

Around mile 50 my bike computer went out as well as the tape was falling off my handlebars.  I was annoyed by this but it was probably a good thing so I didn't try and hold a certain mph on the flats but to just go by feel.  The other problem that happened was that I dropped my chain three times - this is not like me and super annoyed that I did this as it costed me somewhere around 2-5 mins on the bike.

I was so happy to start the run and knew I was in a good position coming in - I passed two pros on the bike and didn't think there were too many other amateurs ahead of me.  As I was exiting T2 a volunteer told me I was in the top 10 and 2nd amateur female  - I was happy with this and just wanted to run a solid marathon hoping to not have any issues with the hamstring.  My hamstring actually felt the best it had going into the race with seeing Crystal at Spine and sport and getting massages weekly to really work it out.  What was really bothering me was my back as I had a rib out of place that I do struggle with time to time and Crystal put some kinesology tape  on it the night before.
The run course is tough, lots of hills and you can't get into a rhythm with all of the turning but I felt good and kept up my nutrition as I had planned.  I saw my family again around mile 5 and gave Owen a high five!  As I was making my way to the special needs run bag around the halfway point I started to feel crappy.  I was thinking to myself I wish I had another pair of shorts in there because I really feel like I could poop my pants!  If anyone saw my pace you can see that it slowly went down the ladder - I was on pace to do about a 3:30 to 3:40 marathon and I remember Cathy Yndestad saying to me keep strong Kort nice and steady.  I kept those thoughts in my head and just kept on truckin - but did have to find a bathroom about every 5 mins and sometimes had to wait to use one.  That can really bring your time down and that is what happened.  I had never experienced this kind of issues on my training runs after a bike but I know that in a race so many emotions, endorphins, etc can come into play that can affect your nutrition and I do think that I did take in too many carbs at one time and my body can't handle that.  Your body can only process about 30-60 grams of carbs per hour and I will need to go back and evaluate through racing and training of what I can process.  Ironman is a whole different ballgame versus the half and I think I got my half ironman nutrition down pretty good.  As I was making my way to the finish line I heard my name cheered but was in such a daze that I had no clue that I was finishing the race.  A volunteer held me up and brought me over to a grassy area where I told her  - I need to use the bathroom - AGAIN!  Derek eventually found me and all I wanted to do was lay in the grass and not move.

Everyone came over to congratulate me and it was great to see them all - friends from college, almost my whole family as well as my in- laws.  I could not had asked for more support and encouragement from them.  I didn't get a chance to celebrate with them, take pictures, nothing....I went straight back to my hotel where I passed out for about a half hour after taking a bath, tried to eat 1/2 of a pizza but couldn't stomach it, went to bed where somewhere about midnight I woke up with the worst feeling in my stomach.  I then spent the rest of the night by the toilet!  The next morning I was still feeling horrible so we made our way to Urgent Care after talking to a couple of people about my issues and they suggested to not mess around with my symptoms.  I got 2.5 bags of IV's and after 4 hours in the room was released to go home.   I so wanted to be one of those who was eating dairy queen and loving every minute of it but all I got was some saltine crackers and chicken broth - yummy!   My good friend Harvey told me to just let it go - literally the next time because he saw a woman at Grandma's marathon running with poo poo down the back of her shorts an someone asked her if she needed anything and her reply was "To qualify for Boston!"
Looking back I need to remember that I did have a good time with all the circumstances that happened that day, I have a great family who loves and supports me.  The support that was out there that day cheering me and all of the other athletes on that day - WOW you guys are the reason why I wouldn't want to do any other Ironman just because the amount of love you receive out there is amazing.  Thank you!!!  Someday I hope to be back there to race but next year I am there to support my athletes and those who cheered for me last Sunday!  

Friday, August 24, 2012

The last 5 months...

It has been a while since my last post ummm to be exact 5 months...sorry, that is what happens when you are training for an Ironman, have two young children, work part time and have an injury you wish would go away!!!
With the hamstring not doing the greatest the whole summer I have been racing but not like I would like to and not like I feel I could. As far as races went - I did a couple of 70.3's that went well, placing first and third.  I never seemed to recover any speed for the Olympic races and trained through them, hoping to get my fitness back.  I have Ironman Wisconsin in a  couple of weeks and with it being my first I just would like to finish but finish within my potential.
I finally did a run today and didn't have any pain - I have been putting on kinesiology tape every time I run now for the last 2 weeks and it seems to help.  I just hope it holds up for the marathon and doesn't give me any trouble.  I am looking forward to just doing some yoga for two weeks after the race and nothing else!

Summer seemed to fly by - we swam a lot in the pool and Owen will probably be a faster swimmer then me in the next couple of years.  He also started Kindergarten this week and I had a few tears as he got on the bus.  Keaton is his happy crazy self and never seems to stop talking.  The two of them fight like crazy at times but then love each other so much and play so well at other times.

The weekend after Ironman I have the opportunity to watch one of my athletes race in Malibu.  She was one of the Lucky 7 CNN chose to train for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  I can't wait to watch her race - she has been so determined since we started working together in February and has done some 5k's as well as open water swims and very anxious to put it all together!  While in Malibu I also get the opportunity to meet Rich Roll - ultra endurance athlete as well as Chrissie Wellington - whoo hoo - what a way to celebrate Ironman - let's just hope I do OK as I will be in great company!

            Picture of an athlete and me at the Liberty Half Ironman where I finished 1st and Melissa placed                                  first in her age group for the Olympic Race!

                          Owen and Keaton with Santa Clause during Santa's summer vacation

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hamstring Strain

Well a little set back but I am just glad it didn't happen in June. Last year I pulled my hamstring during a race and it never healed properly. I had been getting it worked on for the past 2 months but I went to go run the MDRA 7 mile race two weeks ago and as I was warming up I got my foot stuck in my warm up pants (note to self - do not wear long warmup pants when warming up next time)...ugh! I knew I did something horrible because I could feel the pull and tear and down I went to the ground. I could hardly walk back to my car and then I had to drive a stick shift home which aggrivated it even more!
I should have posted some pics of it about a week ago because it looked like someone took a baseball bat and beat the heck out of my leg. It was all black and blue up and down and now it is working it's way down to my calf. It is a grade 2 hamstring strain so I haven't ran for 2 weeks - and hoping I can run by the end of the week without pain. I am trying to stay positive knowing that it is early and Ironman Wisconsin is in September. I just wanted to start out the season healthy and strong but just have to remember that injuries happen in this sport and to take care of it now and work on other disciplines of the sport - I can bike and swim! Just wanted to say thanks to Crystal at Spine and Sports as well as others at the Spine and Sports Chiro team for taking care of me!

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Year, New House, New Goals

Well it is February 3rd and I finally writing my first blog of the new year! Shame on me but I do have excuses...just like everyone else! We moved about 2 weeks ago to the great city of Maple Grove. We love our new house so far and so do the kids. We have met some of the neighbors and they are super nice and have children Owen's age so he is very excited about this. Good friends of ours live about 4 houses down and we have loved getting together with them for runs, playdates and carpooling. Here is a picture of the outside of the house with the nice UHaul in front of it!

I will show pictures of the inside once we actually have furniture in there. I still haven't figured out what's better in the new place - the turkey that comes everyday getting it's food from the neighbors (Owen has named him Biff) or the fact that we are going to be tan this summer with the pool in our backyard.
This year my race schedule will be a little different. I won't be racing as much and will miss out on some of my favorite race as I decided to race Ironman Wisconsin. My goals this year are to get to the start line of Wisconsin injury free, healthy and happy. I have been battling a glute issue that just won't go away. I pulled it last May and never treated it properly and it is still bugging me. Seems like me and the foam roller have become best friends and I even carry a tennis ball in my purse so when I drive I am rolling and digging into it.
Coaching has been keeping me busy as well. I started coaching an athlete that was chosen as one of the Lucky 7 for CNN Fit Nation with Dr. Gupta. She will be competing in the Malibu Triathlon in September and I am so excited to show her how triathlon can change and inspire her life. I am also excited because with our move I am a lot closer to a lot of my athletes that I will be able to bike, swim and run with them more.
Owen and Keaton are doing great and are starting to play with eachother more. Owen still needs to remember that Keaton is 3 years younger than him and he can't wrestle and tackle like he can. I have a feeling that I will be breaking up a lot of wrestling matches for the next 15 years!