Sunday, July 11, 2010

Training Logistically

Keaton will be 4 weeks old this Thursday and this will be my first week of having the two boys by myself which means that training and working out will be tough and may not happen as much or as long as I would like it to. Some people, many who read this blog think I am insane that I can go for an hour and a half bike ride or run but I really do feel great and I do listen to my body and know what I am capable of. I am definintely not pushing it like I want to and giving myself time to heal before I do those hard workouts that I have been dying to do for the past nine months!

I have a goal of wanting to do Turtleman Triathlon and Derek keeps saying to me....I don't want you to be dissapointed if you have a bad race or not be able to be competitive like you were last year. I have decided though that I will make a decision the week of the race if spots are still open and see how I feel. I think I will feel ready for it, it is just will Keaton let me be away from him for more than 2 hours and with breastfeeding every 2-3 hours I may be carrying some extra weight by the end of the race!!

I was able to go for a nice aerobic bike ride with Suzie today for an hour and a half and I can't wait to be able to train with her next year. We talked the whole time and it was so nice to get outside to feel fresh air on my face and not the fan on the trainer downstairs in the basement.

I am a little anxious about next years triathlon season and have already planned out my race year! I know for sure that I will be doing three half irons and possibly four as I think this is the distance for me.

My cousin sent me a cute outfit for the boys and Owen was so excited about it that he has worn the shirt for the last two days and won't let me take it off of Keaton. I told him that we HAVE to take it off tonight and he can possibly wear it in a couple of days. He loves being a big brother and while I was away on my bike ride with Suzie Keaton had woke up hungry so Derek was trying to calm him down with a pacifier. I walked into the door and Owen came up to me and said Mom, Keaton needs you, he needs Mommy Milk. He hasn't been jealous or anytjhing (NOT yet at least) so I am very blessed and lucky to have two wonderful boys!