Saturday, February 14, 2009


On February 11th I turned 30 and Derek decided to make a party out of it! My birthday was on a Wednesday but we went out to celebrate on Friday. I thought we were going out to dinner and a show but to my surprise he coordinated a surprise party. I seriously had no idea that he had been plotting this for the last three weeks. He gave some excuse that he forgot the tickets at home while we were at dinner and that we would have plenty of time to go home and then to the show. Here are some things that he did this week without my knowledge:
1. Went to Costco and told me that the money he spent there was because his brother wanted to get some stuff there
2. He told me that we had to turn on the refrigerator downstairs because he read some article that you should turn appliances on every 6 months
3. Was picking up the house like a madman before we left for dinner and I was like "why do you care what the house looks like, it is just our family coming over."
As we were on our way to pick up the "tickets", there were some cars that were parked down the road from our house and I mentioned to Derek that "Wow looks like our neighbors are having a party". Little did I know the party was in my house! Thank you to everyone who helped Derek coordinate the party - especially to our brothers and sisters - Jared, Rachel, Bethany, and Jason. Thank you to Derek who surprises me everyday with his generosity and love.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Woga poses - according to Owen

I had a long run today and was pretty stiff when I got back so Owen helped me do some yoga (he says Woga) afterward. He loves to do downward facing dog and the cat poses.

The weather has been great here for the last couple of days - above 30's!!! The snow has melted a little and I hope it stays that way but I have a feeling that the cold weather is not through with us yet!