Sunday, June 20, 2010

Welcome Keaton James

We are so excited to announce the arrival of Keaton James Haag. Keaton graced us with his presence on his due date - June 17! I guess he wanted to follow in his big brothers footsteps because Owen was born on his due date and on a Thursday as well - kind of weird and cool! My doctor told me that she hasn't had that with any patient before.

I could tell Wednesday morning that my body was preparing itself for the big day. I went to the gym to swim and do the elliptical and could just tell I was not feeling the best. I got off the elliptical and went to the pool because I thought that would make me feel better. My swimsuit was extremely tight at this point and I was thinking to myself as I was swimming laps that either it has gotten tighter or I am having contractions. They didn't hurt but my stomach was tightening every 10-15 minutes. I decided it was time just to pack up and go home. When I got home Derek was surprised to see me home so early and commented that well if you ended a workout early then something has to be going on. I told him to make sure his cell phone was charged just in case. Owen and I went about our day that day but I did let him watch some more TV than he is use to because I thought hmmmm I may need some more rest than usual! However, we got bored and went to the local pool when it opened and went swimming for a couple of hours. I was continually having these contractions but like I said it just got really tight but didn't hurt.

As I put Owen to bed that night I prepared him to let him know that his baby brother will probably be here tomorrow or in a couple of days. I called my sister and mom to let them know as well because Owen would be going to my sisters place until my mom or Derek's parents got into town.

Thursday am at about 2:00 in the morning I just couldn't sleep anymore. The contractions were still coming at about 10 mintues apart but now they were keeping me up at night and I thought well I gues I could just watch the rest of the Real Housewifes of New York City! I watched that and then tried sleeping some more. Finally it was 6:00 and Derek was getting up to workout. I told him to get it done and then let's go to my sisters place to hang out until we go to the hospital. I just wanted to make sure that when we go to the hospital we didn't have to wait around and we were admitted right away. With Owen we had to wait like three hours to get a room and I was not a happy camper about that. This time around I wanted to be home or somewhere as comfortable as I could be because I knew I did not want any drugs and wanted to do this naturally. I had an epidural with Owen and didn't feel any pain. I only pushed for 15 minutes with him but didn't like the feeling of being drugged up and since this is my last child I wanted to feel the whole thing - call me crazy!

We got to the hospital at about 11:15 and was admitted right away because I was already dialated to a 5. The contractions were starting to hurt but it was tolerable. My mom arrived at the hospital at about 1:30 so it was nice to have her to talk to for distractions. My labor and delivery nurse was great and she explained to me that since I had an epidural the last time with Owen this time around it is going to be A LOT different - boy it was!

I starting squeezing Derek's had pretty hard at 3:00 and told my mom to leave the room at 3:25 - at that time my Dr. came in and said well we are almost ready to go I am going to put my scrubs on. At about 3:40 I said to the nurse I REALLLY WANT TO PUSH! She went and got the Dr. and it was go time. I could hear them getting everything ready and Derek was saying to me - you have been through more hurt than this you can do it Kortney.... He was an awesome supporter. Keaton was born then at 3:59.

Owen came into the room about a half hour later and was super excited to see his brother and what his brother got for him for a present! Owen has been getting so many presents I think he thinks it is his birthday! He has been such a good boy and only got jealours once when Keaton got a superhero shirt. He thinks it is his and that it will fit him. I told him he could try it on but if it doesn't fit then we need to give it to Keaton - I am just going to go out to Target and get him the same one so they can be twins!

Here are some pics. Owen can't wait for him to be able to play Star Wars he already got him a lightsaber!

Keaton is almost back up to his birthweight so that is good. He is so much smaller than Owen - but about the same in length so I know he will catch up to him. I am taking advantage of people helping me with Owen and have taken some naps with Keaton because at night I am not getting much sleep. Since he is so small he is wanting to eat about every 2 hours. I feel great and we went for a family walk last night. I definintely am not up for a swim, bike run just yet but give me a couple of weeks and perhaps a swim will be in my plan. Thanks to everyone for all of the support and nice comments on facebook and for all my friends who have come to visit and bring over meals we really appreciate it!