Tuesday, April 27, 2010

7 more weeks - I think I hit the crazy stage!

It's been an emotional last two weeks for me. I think the hormones have hit and I am a full fledge crazy pregnant women! We put our house on the market a couple of weeks ago and have had some hits but decided that if it does not sell by the time the baby comes then we are fine with that. It is not like we have to sell the house and we really like where we live, our location and our house.

Owen came to my last Doctor appointment with me and I told him if he was good then we could go and get ice cream. The Dr. again told me to eat some with him! Here is a picture of Owen after ice cream - he really wanted blue ice cream so the only place I knew to go to was TCBY....mmmm I love that place!
I have made some changes to working out. I no longer do flip turns in the pool and feel really slow stopping but I figured that the baby probably doesn't like doing somersaults anymore. I also cut down the mileage on running to 15-17 miles a week instead of the 20-22 miles I had been doing. I feel as though the baby is doing great - he moves so much and I am trying to figure out what body parts are jabbing me.

I wanted to get my certifications done before the baby is born but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. I am not able to take one of the tests until July and I do not know if I can be away from him for more than 3 hours only 3 weeks after he is born so I am most likely going to wait until late July or August. I am so ready to be done studying and just need a break from it. It is hard to get the time in to study when I am home all day with Owen and work a couple nights of the week and then when I am not working I want to spend time with Derek. I sometimes wonder how the heck am I going to do this when I add one more to our family, but where there is a will there is a way.

I recieved some other news that has stressed out as well about my Mom whom I talk to every day and even though she is my mother she is also my best friend. She and my sister are the ones I call to complain to, to share my good news , and just to hear their voice. My sister called me while I was actually picking out a Mothers Day card at Target with Owen and I could tell something was wrong in her voice. She told me everything was OK but Mom had a minor stroke. I couldn't talk for a second and just said what, I don't understand. I quickly paid for my things and left to go to my sisters house. Derek was doing the Ironman Minnesota Bike Ride so I couldn't get a hold of him and I felt so alone driving to her house. All of these thoughts kept running through my mind of her in the hospital and wondering how this could have happaned. My Mom is home now and they ran all kinds of tests on her but couldn't pinpoint the reason why she had this minor stroke. She was planning on coming up here when the baby is born but it scares the heck out of me with her driving if this could happen again. Thank goodness my stepdad was with her and took her to the hospital right away. We should receive more information later this week but please say a prayer for her :).

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter...10 weeks to go!

A lot has happaned since I last blogged - I am in my 30th week of pregnancy and still active but had to slow it down this week as I got the flu. It was pretty bad - I was in bed all day - poor Owen kept coming into the "germ room" bringing me books to read and playing instruments to get me up. At my last doctor appointment I was told to go home and eat some ice cream but I go and loose about 5 lbs! I gained the weight back pretty quickly, especially with the three cinnamon rolls I ate this morning! No one else in the house has gotten the flu so that is good - I thought for sure this was another case of the Owen supervirus which Derek and I got when Owen brought it home from daycare a couple of years ago.

Some other exciting or perhaps stressful things that are going on is that I finally convinced Derek that we should do some house hunting since it is a good time to buy. I have been telling him this for the past 6 months, but now that I am a couple months away from having another baby he thinks it is time to buy! We have looked at a lot of houses but nothing is standing out to us and we really like our house and area but going to grow out of it and would like other options with a bigger house. We are now in the process of looking at some lots to possibly build. What I love about Derek is that he is determined, hard working and reliable. He is researching these lots like a mad man, talking to builders, etc.. there will not be a piece of information missing, stone left uncovered, etc... in that case I do not need to stress. However, if we put out house on the market right after having a baby may make me a little stressed out.

I am registered for my NSCA strength and conditioning certificaton for April and can't wait to have that over with. It is interesting information but will be nice to just read a normal book at night and not a book on the antagonist of muscles! I am then planning on taking my personal certification test in May - hopefully the baby won't be born early so I can get that done.

I know I am biased but do believe I have the best little boy and so glad to be done with my part time position as an Administrative Assistant a couple weeks ago. Not having to run around to take him to daycare in the morning makes both of our lives easier and I love being able to go to the zoo with him, run to the library, take him swimming, etc... I want to spend as much time with him before the next little man comes into my life. Here is a picture of him collecting Easter eggs and a picture of me with my belly. Hope everyone had a great Easter - it is beautiful out there!