Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hamstring Strain

Well a little set back but I am just glad it didn't happen in June. Last year I pulled my hamstring during a race and it never healed properly. I had been getting it worked on for the past 2 months but I went to go run the MDRA 7 mile race two weeks ago and as I was warming up I got my foot stuck in my warm up pants (note to self - do not wear long warmup pants when warming up next time)...ugh! I knew I did something horrible because I could feel the pull and tear and down I went to the ground. I could hardly walk back to my car and then I had to drive a stick shift home which aggrivated it even more!
I should have posted some pics of it about a week ago because it looked like someone took a baseball bat and beat the heck out of my leg. It was all black and blue up and down and now it is working it's way down to my calf. It is a grade 2 hamstring strain so I haven't ran for 2 weeks - and hoping I can run by the end of the week without pain. I am trying to stay positive knowing that it is early and Ironman Wisconsin is in September. I just wanted to start out the season healthy and strong but just have to remember that injuries happen in this sport and to take care of it now and work on other disciplines of the sport - I can bike and swim! Just wanted to say thanks to Crystal at Spine and Sports as well as others at the Spine and Sports Chiro team for taking care of me!

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