Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Pumpkin Time

We had a great time this weekend going to a local pumpkin festival. Owen loved playing on all of the pumpkins and checking out the fire trucks. He even got his own firefighter hat that he worn pretty much all weekend.

Derek's brother was also up here this weekend. Him and his wife are actually moving to Minneapolis and he living with us until they find an apartment. Owen has found a new best friend in Jared and follows him around the house! It was also Derek and mine 6 year wedding anniversary. We were able to get away for a while and walked to Caribou for a coffee - he knows how much I love to walk and talk so that was special that he wanted to do that with me. It will be Owen's 2nd birthday soon, I can't believe he isn't this little baby anymore. I love that he is growing up and learning knew words everyday but also sad that I can't rewind time and have him take long naps on me anymore!

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