Sunday, August 17, 2008

St. Paul Race Report: First Win, but..... I need a swim coach

I did the St. Paul Triathlon (1 mile swim, 40K bike, 10K run) this morning and finished first overall for female participants! It feels great to get a win under the belt (but I need a swim coach). The swim was a little longer than most distances I do but I was disappointed in my time coming out of the water. The bike course was super fast and you had to do two laps so you were able to see where your competition was on the course. When I got off the bike my sister told me I was about a minute and a half behind first place. The run course went around Lake Phalen twice so it was hard to come around the finish line knowing that you had to run 3 more miles! I kicked it into gear and it felt great knowing I was getting to the finish line as the first female for the International course.

Derek also did the race too and did the Sprint course (.5 mile swim, 20K bike, 5K run). He did great, and ran the course 5 minutes faster than what he did last year, a personal best!! I am so glad he got me involved in triathlons - without his drive and determinition to improve I don't think I would be participating in them.
My mom was here this weekend and was able to see me race for the first time. I heard her cheering me on as I was getting out of the water to start the bike course. Derek's Dad was here as well as my sister and her husband to watch. It was fun having them here so they could watch us as well as having someone watch Owen so we both could do the same race.
Today was also special because Owen finally took a nap - I think he has been so excited having my mom here that he doesn't want to sleep!!


Chris Mueller said...

congrats! Good work. London 2012?

Also I recommend Michael Phelps (Miles calls him Michael Helps) as a swim coach. Something tells me he would be a good coach.

Adam NaPier said...

Nice job on the win! In case Phelps is not avaliable...I am. I'll coach you in the water if you can help me shave 11 mins off my bike split.

[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Amazing! Great job, you two!

Currently trying to begin my "Couch to 5K" training-


aslage said...

congrats kortney! i'll live vicariously through you because there is no way in hell i'll ever do one!!!