Monday, September 1, 2008

St Croix Valley Race Report: Run Scooter Run

It was a wonderful weekend as my Dad and his girlfriend, Diane, were here visiting from Illinois. We were sitting around talking Saturday night and my Dad was telling stories about his younger years. I knew that my Dad was athletic, but didn't have the opportunity to participate in sports as much as he would have liked, because of the work on the farm. I didn't realize that he had a nickname because of his speed - Scooter. It was pretty funny listening to tales of his Scooter days!

Sunday was the St.Croix Valley Triathlon in Hudson, Wisconsin. It was a great race and I was surprised there were less than 100 participants. They had the sprint distance the day before with over 700 participants. I think since it was Labor Day weekend and with Ironman Wisconsin coming up many racers took the weekend off.

The day started out a little strange for me. First, I drove to the race by myself and I know I should be able to do this, but I usually have Derek with me to help me prepare and talk. Derek was waiting to come to the race later so we wouldn't have to wake up Owen too early and meet up with my family. Well, it was probably a good thing because I accidentally grabbed his wetsuit. The race started at 7:30, I called Derek at 6:35 frantically telling him I had his wetsuit. My speedracer of a husband got to the race with plenty of time for me to put my wetsuit on and get in the water to prepare for the start - He is great! The swim was a tough one - you could touch the bottom at pretty much any time and it was really hard to see where you were going because of the blinding sun. I came out as the second female on the swim and knew I needed to make up some time. I made up about 45 seconds on the bike and just bombed T2 - I didn't have enough time to get my feet out of my shoes and probably lost about 10 - 15 seconds. The run is where I am a little frustrated with myself. I knew I was about 45 seconds behind the first place female and thought I would hold off and keep her in my sights and then try and catch her further down the run. What I should have done was run hard to catch her and then keep a steady pace. At about 3 miles left in the run I felt like I was pushing it hard but it wasn't hard enough as I came to the finish line in second place. I guess I should have taken more tips from Scooter before the race!

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