Sunday, August 10, 2008

Turtleman Race Report: No way am I getting 8th!

Yesterday was the Turtleman Triathlon in Shoreview, MN. It is probably one of the most competitive amateur races races in Minnesota besides the Lifetime Fitness triathlon. I was suppose to do this race three years ago but I fractured my elbow that year and wasn't able to participate. It is a great race - very well put together with volunteers, organization and spectators. I would definitely do it again! I was pretty nervous for this race as the people I have been reading about winning and performing well in other races were there and my sister was coming to watch me for the first time.

Coming out of the swim I was 9th - I knew I didn't have that great of a swim - my sighting was pretty bad and I should have kept up with some other swimmers and tried drafting off of them. I kind of let people do their thing in the beginning of the swim and not get involved with the battle of positioning. I need to try and be more aggressive with the swim for the next race. Getting on the bike I felt great - averaging 22.5 miles per hour - the fastest I have done so far. Getting re-fitted at Gear West (thanks guys) on my bike has definitely helped - and I may try and see if I could ride a little more aggressively. Coming off of the bike I felt great and wasn't quite sure what position I was in until I saw Derek and he told me that I was in 8th place and that I was close behind 6th and 7th. I thought well if I am close - No way am I getting 8th! My goal for running was a 6:45 min/mile and I topped that running a 6:31 min/mile. I caught three racers on the run and finished 4th! I was very happy with that performance and race announcer Jerry McNeil mentioned that I could be a nomination for Rookie of the Year. I am not sure what this title entails but would be very honored to be considered in that category with other great women triathletes.

After the race Owen was getting pretty antsy in his stroller so we played on the beach for a while - you couldn't have asked for a better day. Of course, during our playtime I got my shirt dirty for pictures - it never fails. I seriously cannot wear white. Ask any of my family members - especially my husband and they will tell you it doesn't shock them anymore!


Katie said...

Kortney you are a fountain of energy! I hope you are proud of yourself and all the hard work you put into yourself! You SHOULD get Rookie Of The Year!!

Nealy said...

Kort- I love the blog! Wow, look at you go! I am so proud of you. You are a rock star and a super woman. I will be rooting for you to get Rookie of the year- you deserve it! Give Owen hugs and kisses! Nealy

Anonymous said...

Well, daughter I could not be prouder of you. You have always been one of the best and you still are. You make us all proud and I am so proud to call you my daughter. Your grandfather would be very proud-as he always was of you. Love you more than sunshine.