Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More Ice Cream Please

At my last doctor appointment yesterday I had an ultrasound to see how the baby was growing. The little guy - aka "Spike" (this is the name Owen has picked out for him) is doing great and is almost 5lbs. The doctor was shocked that he was that big already - she told me I was hiding him well. I was told to not run anymore and that is a killer for me. I can do the elliptical still and bike and swim but since running is an impact sport and I am already dialated to a one at 34 weeks I need to make sure he doesn't move down any lower and we make it to 37 weeks. With Owen I delivered right on my due date and he was 7lbs 14oz - so I am capable of having a big baby! I am also eating ice cream at least 3 days a week - I have discovered Sebastian Joes Oreo Ice Cream and it is a new love of mine.

Spike moves around like crazy - at 3am I can see my belly moving around like there is an alien in there and yesterday at the ultrasound I finally saw what he is doing to me! I could see his hands punching my stomach - it was pretty cool to finally realize I didn't have an alien in me but my very active son. I guess he gets it from me!

My mom is doing good but we still do not know what caused her to have a mild stroke. They have ran all sorts of tests but cannot pinpoint the exact cause.

I am volunteering at the Gear West Duathlon in a couple of weeks and then going to watch Derek and cheer on some fellow triathletes at the Buffalo Triathlon and Manitou Triathlon. It's going to be hard watching and not racing...I am a very competitive person and have to remember there is time to race later this year and next year. Derek was complaining about a workout he had to do... I told him to suck it up because I would love to be able to do his workout. I can't wait to get a heartrate above 140 beats per minute!

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