Monday, May 24, 2010

Almost 37 weeks & Gear West Duathlon - I wish it was a race report!

I wish I could say that I raced the Gear West Duathlon this past weekend but I didn't...however, I did have a great time volunteering and watching Derek race as well as my fellow teammates and other racers.

I can't seem to sleep in these days and got up at the butt crack with Derek on his race morning. I knew I had to be out of the door by 6:45 so Owen and I could get our coffee and smoothie. I always envied those people at races who were drinking their latte's and this time that was me!

It was a hot morning already and you could tell it was going to be a challenging day for people on the course. Owen and I were ready with the cowbell and every time a wave of people came by Owen was all about ringing it. Next up is the Buffalo Triathlon for Derek and for me to be the sherpa. I won that race last year so it is kind of bittersweet that I am not racing in it this year. A good friend of mine the other day told me to take it easy though because this time won't last forever and there are always more races but you will never be able to snuggle with your children forever.

Baby boy #2 is moving like crazy and I thought I was ready to go into labor this last Friday. I felt miserable and I think he was doing somersaults in my stomach! The baby room is going to be finally done this weekend, I think we had the baby room for Owen done like 2 months before his due date! Poor kid I have only take two pregnancy pictures of myself this time around, and with Owen I took one every week. I am not going to the Dr. this week because she told me if I didn't feel any different there wasn't a need for me to come in. The next time I see her will be week 38 - let's hope I feel different by then!

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GoBigGreen said...

Thanks for cheering. I saw you across the crowd and wanted to say hi/ I am sorry i didnt:(
PS : that was YOU with the latte before the race? haha. Isnt that funny, Yes I do think that as well:)