Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weather is making me grumpy

I was suppose to be running the Winter Carnival Half Marathon this weekend but since it is only going to be a high of 7 degrees for the day I decided that it probably wouldn't be the smartest idea. The last two days here in Minneapolis has been great weather but yet again we are settling in for a cold spell for the next week. I am starting to think we need to get a winter home or know someone who has one!
Owen hasn't been in the best spirits either. The poor little guy has a terrible cold and is absolutely miserable and is kind of making me miserable and grumpy too!
On the brighter side - my training is going well and I feel like I am swimming faster, yet I do have some technique I need to work on. Coach Dan is great though and I love the workouts he gives me - it really helps to have things changed up so I don't get in a rut. I wish I could have him at every swim session to tell me what I need to work on!


GP said...

Come on down to Iowa - it is warmer here - ha! You are welcome to join us in Florida in February!Sounds like your coach is making your workouts interesting and fun. You go, girl!

Shannon said...

Hi Kortney! I didn't know you had a blog - how fun!

So sad for little Owen and his cold (and for you too!). I hope he beats it soon and you don't catch it!

I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday night!


Rich von Lehe said...

Hey Kortney!

Are you swimming with Dan from SCS Multisport? You don't swim over the noon hour do you?

Kortney said...

Hey Rich
I do swim with Dan. I go Wed morning. That is the day I can get there with Owen and work. I wish I could go more. Do you go there to swim too?

Rich said...

I have gone there over lunch before and so has one of my coworkers, but I don't go there normally. It's right next to Starkey where I work. If I miss my normal Tuesday swim workout I'll try to make it there some morning and race you! It's the only event I would have a chance :-)