Monday, May 2, 2011

Get in Gear 1/2 Marthon - In Rain or Shine

It is suppose to be spring here in Minnesota but old man winter wants to stick around and let his presence be known! Saturday was the Get in Gear 1/2 marathon and waking up to pouring rain just wasn't my cup of tea. I like running in the heat and would prefer it to be like 80 degrees outside. Some would think I am insane but I actually race better in the heat.
I had a mental breakdown this last week and was hoping my head was in the game to run 13.1 miles in the rain. Last weekend we were in Des Moines and hoping we could ride in 60 degree weather but alas that wasn't going to happen. We pounded out a 3 hour windy ride and Derek pretty much had to pull me the whole way home. I don't know how he didn't yell at me to suck it up because I pretty much complained the whole ride and at one point threatened to turn around and just ride on the trainer! Then on Sunday I had a tough run to prepare me for the half marathon and just didn't have the desire to do it. My legs were kickin but my mind just said stop - I didn't want to be on that trail anymore pounding out 3x12 mins at half marathon pace - I wanted to go home and drink hot chocolate! After talking with my coach I needed a little downtime. I hadn't had a day off for a long time and I finally took it - no yoga, no strength training, no easy swim or bike - NOTHING. As athletes it is hard to let our bodies rest because we think we need to be pushing all the time - judging where our fitness is at but that is where injuries and burnout rear their ugly head. I think for me I feel like I am constantly on my feet with 2 small kids at home and when I do get to relax I sometimes can't. I feel like I should do laundry or clean the bathroom or make dinner. I think as moms who are also competitive athletes this will always be a struggle for us.
Anyway.... back to the race. Derek and I were both racing, he was doing the 10K and me the half. We didn't get to warm up at all and were way back in the starting chute. Since there were so many people racing it took us a full 1:30 to get to the start line. It was hard to get into a groove for a pace for the first miles because you had to weave around so many people since we started way back. Finally at about mile 4 I felt like I was cruising and ran with a friend of mine for almost the whole race. I never really felt like I got into a good groove because at one point I had a side cramp and then I was wearing a rain jacket that chaffed me right below my neck and it was killing me! I crossed the finish line at 1:33:40 so about a 7:09 minute pace, not the best time for me but considering the conditions I will take it. I learn something every race and know it is preparing me for the races ahead.
Owen and Keaton are starting to enjoy eachothers company more but that also means Owen is starting to beat up on him more and boss Keaton around. I guess that will just prepare me for what is going to happen in the future. I pretty much know that I can't buy any new furniture for the next 6 years!

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