Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mistaken Identity

I was mistaken for a man yesterday. Not the most flattering thing but when you register for a race and accidentally put yourself as male I guess that is what happens. I did pretty well amoung the men though - placing 8th overall and second female. I am sure when I registered I was also doing some other type of activity like changing a diaper, folding laundry or making dinner! The race was fun and the weather was great! Spring is finally here and I wanted to see where I was at with my running. I have been doing a lot of aerobic base work so throwing myself into some speedwork was good for me. I am not sore at all today so I know I could and should have pushed harder. Next week I am doing a 10mile run and since I would like to focus on half ironmans this year those longer distance running races will help. It was a tough course and I averaged 6:37 per mile so I am happy with that. I paced myself well the first mile and not sure if I went out too slow that first mile since I was talking to my competition for most of the mile! We started out together and I could tell she was a runner - she was bouncing around in the starting shoot like an Engergizer Bunny while I was chatting it up with some fellow triathletes that I knew. I guess I just don't have the competitive drive when it comes to running races like I do in triathlons. She asked me if she could pace with me and I was like sure I would like to hit somewhere between 40 and 41 minutes. At about mile 2.5 she dropped behind me and I was like where did you go? Here is a picture of us on the second lap. You can see she is still kind of bouncing around!!!

I knew she was behind me most of the race but I wasn't out to get first I was wanting a certain pace and time. There was some ice on the path and everytime I made a move to the other side of the trail she would do the same. Finally she stopped drafting off of me and asked if I was the defending champion - I told her no and off she went. I was like you can have it chica - but now I look back and I am mad I didn't push myself to hang with her and try for a sprint finish at the end - that would have been cool. Not sure if I would have won that sprint finish as she was only 19 years old and has more fast twitch fibers in there! However.... you live and learn and now I know next week just go for it! Lastly here is a picture of my cheering squad. Owen is use to the races but Keaton needs to get use to it or he will have a long summer :)

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