Monday, October 4, 2010

Owen's Half Mile Race and My 10 Mile Race

Owen had been waiting for this weekend for a long time! I can't precisely remember but I think it was in June when we signed Owen up for the half mile race which was a part of the Twin Cities Marathon weekend. We initally were going to sign him up for the one mile race but Derek took Owen on a "training run" one day and said there was no way he could do a mile - he had to carry him most of the way home.

We really wanted Saturday to be about his race because he is always coming to ours and cheering us on. We talked a lot about it and he said he wanted to be body marked and have a cup of water to throw down! Saturday morning we woke him up and told him it was race day and that he needed to have a healthy breakfast. We then body marked him with Lighting McQueen temporary tattoos on the back of his legs. I also made sure I had a cup to put water in and a cowbell.

When we arrived to the State Capital Owen could hardly contain himself. We picked up his shirt and race number, did a little prewarm up stretching and he was ready to go!

The fan base went to the designated spot to get some good pictures and video. Owen was the last group of kids for the half mile so it was fun watching the older kids before him run. It was hilarious seeing these little legs moving so fast and the expression on their faces was priceless. Derek was running with Owen so it was easy to spot the 6 foot 2 inch guy with sunglasses amoungst the kids! Owen had the biggest smile on his face as he was running towards us. My sister was ringing the cowbell and I had the water ready.
Owen wasn't quite sure what to do in the moment so I told him to throw it down and as you can see from the picture - he sure did! Owen finished just under five minute so that is just about a ten minute mile if he would have done the mile - pretty darn good! Here he is with his medal after the race- I was so proud of him - he looked so happy and was having so much fun. I am pretty sure he won his age group :)

Sunday I was racing the Twin Cities ten mile and I had a blast. I really didn't have a time goal in mind for the race but just wanted to do sub seven minute miles since I haven't been running alot. Here is a picture that Terrence Lee took of me I think around mile seven or eight.

As you can see I have a big smile on my face - the weather was beautiful for running and I was just enjoying the moment of not actually competing. I still wanted to do well but it was nice not to have any pressure and just run. I finished with a 6:51 per minute mile so I was happy with that. Next up is the Monster Dash Half Marathon on October 30th. We are also celebrating Owen's 4th birthday that weekend - I can't believe he will be four years old - time really does fly. I am going to have to freeze Keaton right now so he doesn't get any bigger!


[not the] Best Blog Ever said...

Super cute! Way to go, Owen, and way to go, Kortney. :)

Would love to catch up with you sometime live-time. LMK if you're ever downtown during the week - we could grab coffee or lunch sometime!

aslage said...

so cute!!

aslage said...

so cute kort!!!