Sunday, April 5, 2009

Learning Experience

Yesterday was the first road race I have done since 2007 and we are going to put it in the books as a learning experience. For some reason I never seem to get my head into the game with road races. The race was a 10K organized by the City of Golden Valley - where I work. However, it left me a little frustrated, because it was probably the worst race I've had in the last year.

Before the race, we dropped Owen off at a friends house so we were kind of running late to the race and I am the type of person that races better when I am really warmed up and prepared (duh - aren't we all)!!! Derek ran the 10K too so we did like a 5 minute warm up with a couple pickups before the start. The weather was decent but not at all warm - I think it was about 30 degrees and I actually thrive in the warm weather. There were a couple of things that frustrated me during the run:
1. Was having some stomach issues
2. I had no idea where I was at - I couldn't see any mile markers and had a plan of where I wanted to be at for each mile
3. My darn hat and headband fell off my head I think around mile 2 during the run so I turned around and went and picked up it - probably loosing like 30 seconds and had to run the rest of the way with the hat in one hand and the headband in another. I thought about throwing it in someone's yard or at a spectator, but I knew that we needed to get Owen after the race and didn't want to be driving around looking for these items. I finished in a time of 41:44, so a 6:44 min/mile pace and the 3rd women overall. I need to remember to just think about the race and nothing else - push everything else out of your mind for that hour or so and dig deep.

I have another road race - the Get in Gear half marathon, in a couple of weeks before the duathlons and triathlons start. I actually like running longer distances and this one is in the city. There should be a lot of people watching, so it will be a fun one.

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